LEAWHA was founded in 2015 and focuses on the pursuit “Customizing high-end skin care products only for Chinese women”. The founder, Ms. Yunxiang Kang, has been engaged in beauty R&D for 11 years with a unique skin management method. Starting from the exquisite life and skin care needs of Chinese women, she insists on treating nature, health and safety as the foundation, and balancing the skin as the goal, puts forward the theory of the five-dimensional balance skin of pear blossoms, and redefines the standard cognition of the aesthetic skin of Oriental women.
The first series of the LEAWHA brand was customized for 68 successful female entrepreneurs. With the development concept of “regardless of time and cost", we cooperated with scientists from the University of Uppsala in Sweden and the Ben Samuel Life Science Park in Sweden, introduced the world's top “Cycle microencapsulation technology" successfully extracting S-SMITITM pear blossoms pliable & whitening skin factor, formed an exclusive accurate skin formula, to achieve natural skin care products.
LEAWHA customizes the beauty of Chinese urban upstart women and advocates that Chinese women live up to their self-confidence.
_x000b_Pear blossom is the nature of the skin LEAWHA believes that every woman is unique and their beauty has its own gesture. In LEAWHA, each care is an unique experience of customization. LEAWHA pays attention to the relaxation and pleasure of the body & mind, so that when women get beautiful, they can also enjoy their own leisure moment, such as being comfortable in nature.
LEAWHA always upholds the spirit of bold innovation and the pursuit of beautiful mystery. Innovation is the key that LEAWHA products can stand out among many brands. For LEAWHA, we hope that each product can bring consumers a pleasant enjoyment, unique formula, exquisite and beautiful packaging, so that each woman's body & mind can feel being loved and valued, without simply treating it as meet the needs of the tools.
Balance, love, sharing.
LEAWHA “Cycle microencapsulation technology"
Customizes Beauty by Technology
China LEAWHA Beauty Institute applied “Cycle microencapsulation technology" ,cooperated with professor Jan- Christer Janson and doctor Maria Strømme introduced patent ingredients ,use “Cycle microencapsulation technology" successfully extracting S-SMITITM pear blossoms pliable & whitening skin factor to protect healthy skin.